Aceites Tierra de Sol SL is a mill of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, located in Olias del Rey-Toledo. Our entire manufacturing process is mechanical and the extraction of olive juice is cold with a production of more than 2 million liters of oil.

We have our own farms of Olive trees and we have Certified Organic Oil. The varieties of our olives are Cornicabra and Arbequina.

Our oil comes from the area of La Sagra (Toledo - Spain), center of the Iberian Peninsula, with soils rich in clay and plaster, giving a special touch to their oils.

We have received prestigious prizes such as: Gold Medal Great Selection Castilla La Mancha Olive Oil, Bronze Olive Tree and Accésit Great Selection.

Among our customers are Distributors of Gourmet Products, Hotels, great luxury restaurants, shopping centers and we export to different countries in Asia, Europe and America.





Our oil comes from the olive calls "Cornicabra" and "Arbequina". The oil obtained from the Cornicabra olive is a fruit taste and slightly spicy at the end (not acid). Is of the highest quality but to suit all the tastes, we mix the Cornicabra and Arbequina olive to obtain a softer and high quality oil.

Quality has many definitions but on the issue of the olive oil, the quality is defined by an oily juice obtained from olives in perfect conditions of maturity from a healthy olive tree. The oil is obtained from a fresh fruit and avoiding all the manipulation or treatment that can alter the chemical nature of its components, both during the extraction and in the course of the treatment.

The Extra Virgen Olive Oil is obtained without any chemical processes. The process used is to crush the olives until a paste is formed to apply after cold pressing by mechanical procedures to squeeze the oil. The extra virgin oil is obtained through the first pressing.





The containers are in glass and pet. There are two models of glass bottle: Dorica (round) and Marasca (square), both can be dark or transparent. Is recommended the dark glass to protect it from the light rays and thus is better to maintain their qualities.





In gasttromic terms the Olive Oil has a value added because of the taste and flavour, in our diet, we can assure that the Olive Oil is basic element in our kitchen. It can be consumed in different ways:


Raw: retains all the qualities and maintains all the flavour. Can be used as a condiment in:

- Salads

- Sauces

- Dressing vegetables

- Pasta

- Spread on bread or toasts


In fried and cook: is the most stable of the vegetables fats and it does not produce toxic reactions when it is friyng. It can be fried at 180 degrees. When it is fried, it makes a thin and consistent band around the product that avoid to aabsorb more oil allowing retain all the juices.




In oven-roasted and grilled: prevent to stick the food helping to eliminate the fat and provides it own flavour.



Ctra. de Mocejón s/n

45280 Olias del Rey (Toledo) Spain

Management phone: +34 925 500 295

Factory phone: +34 925 491 351



Plaza de Castilla nº 3, floor 5, door C-1

28046 Madrid (Spain)



Jose Luís Díaz - Phone. +34 609 00 84 81



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